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Farming Simulator 19 Update 1.7.1 (patch 1.7.1)

Farming Simulator 19 - Farming Simulator 19 Update 1.7.1 (patch 1.7.1)
GIANTS Software
FS19 Farming Simulator 19 Update 1.7.1 (patch 1.7.1)
Patch version 1.7.1
Adding compatibility for the Alpine Farming Expansion
Fixed an issue with connection hoses of Alpine expansion tools on Xbox One
Added default config mapping for Logitech 923 TrueForce
Improved game’s behavior with tobii hardware (PC only)Added support for 3Dconnexion’s SpaceMouse (PC only)
Patch version 1.7 (included in 1.7.1)
Improved pipe behavior on NH FR780 and Rostselmash F2650
Fixed issue with surface sounds when players exit and reenter their vehicle
Fixed visual issues on Fendt 900, Great Plains YP2425A, Kroeger TAW30, NH CR10.90 and Strautmann SEK 802
Fixed issue with selling fill triggers while they are being filled
Improved AI behavior when work area overlaps with next field area
Improved AI behavior when using combined machines, it now uses the widest working width available
Fixed AI being blocked by raising/lowering front tools
Improved AI reversing behavior
Reduced attacher joints size on Lizard Pickup 1978
Fixed control issues with axis components + front loader tools
Feltöltő: Stead
Méret: 2.2 GB
Feltöltve: 2020.11.05.
Letöltések: 2512 Letöltés
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Farming Simulator 19 upda...
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