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Central Germany

Farming Simulator 19 - Central Germany
A mód multiplayer-ben is működik. (Multiplayer = Többjátékos mód)
A mód 1:1-es méretarányú.
FS19 Central Germany
Central Germany is a map which was built purely fictional, but reminds of regions in Central Germany.
The map offers 159 fields, 2 BGA, 18 buyable and buildable farms, 30 meadows and 4 forests.
The original map is Flo’s “Project_NDS”. Unfortunately we found innumerable bugs and problems while playing.
Annoying waterfall noises on field 33 (formerly field 27) removed
Raifeisen changed to give the Autodrive driver the opportunity to unload independently
Most of the fields are square
Farmlands redefined
Added more yards for the MP
The swastika? !!? from trees?!?! on meadow 18 (formerly meadow 17) removed
General file size minimized (from about 1GB to 560MB)
Trees at the end of the fields (long edge) removed to make the helper’s job easier
Growing grass added when texturing with grass
Multifruit and SeasonsMod are currently not supported! I removed both because neither was inserted correctly.
Multifruit & SeasonsMod support
Lower prices for farmlands
Work on emerging problems
Remove the fence at the gas station
Edit and use newly created open spaces
Revise folder structure
Feltöltő: Stead
Méret: 537.8 MB
Feltöltve: 2020.02.13.
Letöltések: 80 Letöltés
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